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Sleuths India is a highly esteemed and award-winning private detective agency in Bangalore, India. We are renowned for our high-quality services and unparalleled results, having successfully solved over 10000 cases. Our clients include international corporations, Bollywood celebrities, political figures, and government officials. We are the only private detective agency in Bangalore, India to employ A-list Bollywood celebrities to promote our brand. Our management comprises the Intelligence Bureau, Police, Army, and Rawalpindi IB Officers. We have been honoured with several awards, including President of India’s “Young Entrepreneur” in 2012, MoS Award 2014, Investigation Leadership Award 2017, and DMA 2023.

    Awards & Recognition

  • Awarded By The President of India, 2012

    The MD of Sleuths India, Naman Jain, is an outstanding leader! He’s been with Sleuths India for over 20 years, and his leadership has always been the best in the industry. The Young Investigation Entrepreneur Award recognises his many accomplishments and excellent work. He was nominated for the award with over 3000 nominations, which shows how well-known he is in the industry. He was awarded the award at a big ceremony in Delhi for Detective Agency in Bangalore. It was hosted by the former president of India and the governor of Punjab. The trophy was presented to Naman Jain, and the “Certificate” was given to him by the governor.

  • Awarded By MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs (2014)

    Naman Jain, an outstanding leader of Sleuths India, achieved unparalleled recognition in 2014, securing the “Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award” from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Just two years post his President of India Award, this accolade solidified his leadership prowess, propelling him to unprecedented heights. Amid a fierce selection process, Naman triumphed over 3000 nominations from investigative agencies, a testament to his exceptional contributions. The brilliance of his achievement was celebrated at the 9th Security Skills & Leadership Summit 2014 in New Delhi. Mr Haribhai Pandhary, the Minister of State, Mr Home Affair, and Mr Shivraj Patil, the Governor of Punjab, presented the awards.

  • Winner of the prestigious "Investigation Leadership Award" for 2017

    Nidhi Jain, the renowned director of Sleuths India, made history in 2017 as the nation’s pioneering female investigator, honoured with the prestigious “Investigation Leadership Award.” This groundbreaking achievement underscores her expanded entrepreneurial spirit and a stellar career marked by numerous successes. The gloriousness of her recognition unfolded at the “12th Security Skills & Leadership Summit” held at Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi on December 16th and 17th, drawing eminent personalities from diverse spheres. Sh. Jual Oram, the Hon’ble Minister of Tribal Affairs, presented the coveted trophy to Nidhi Jain in the presence of distinguished attendees Maharaja Raghubir Singh Ji and Kunwar Vikram Singh.

  • Winner of the Prestigious “All India Woman Entrepreneur Award” for 2022

    Sleuths India director Nidhi Jain’s strong leadership skills were validated in 2022 when she received the “Women Entrepreneur Award 2023” from the Delhi Management Association (DMA). The award was a glowing tribute to a career that defied expectations and rose to prominence in a field where female detectives rarely excel beyond a certain point. Mr Devesh Sachdev, the guest of honour, awarded her with the award on February 17, 2022, at Silver Oaks Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.



Unique Brand Marketing with A-list Bollywood Stars

Sleuths India is a top private Detective agency in Bangalore that believes in doing things differently, and this concept is reflected in its innovative brand marketing campaigns. It is the only agency that promotes famous Bollywood actresses such as Kangana Ranaut, Taapsee Pannu, and Raj Kumar Rao. Furthermore, it strategically collaborated with India’s leading entertainment and film firm, Balaji Telefilms Limited. Sleuths India has also partnered with the 2019 suspense thriller film “Judgemental Hai Kya” and the 2022 murder mystery “Dobaaraa” or 2…12).

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Management Team For Private Detective in Bangalore

The excellent management team of Sleuths India is considered the best in the industry due to its active association with senior retired IBO, Police, Army, and RAW Officers. No other private Detective agency in Bangalore has such an experienced and award-winning management team. It is one of the main reasons behind Sleuths India’s market domination. With this kind of leadership, Sleuths Industries can easily remain ahead of the competition.


Services Offered By Private Detective Agency in Bangalore

Background Investigation

Background Checking

Finding the ideal fit for a partnership, marriage, or career requires a thorough background investigation. There’s a good possibility you could choose the wrong person if you don’t conduct a comprehensive background investigation. Enlist the assistance of a premier detective agency in Bangalore to conduct a thorough background investigation and locate the right individual.

Employee Frauds

Employee Cheating

Employee Cheating is common. You are unable to break free from its hold. The best action is to have the incident professionally investigated and the offender arrested. Employ the Sleuths India team to investigate and resolve any type of cheating case, including data theft, bribery cases, embezzlement, vendor fraud, payroll fraud, and asset misappropriation.

Corporate Risk Management

Corporate Intelligence

Visit us for unparalleled Corporate Intelligence services. Focusing on strategic insights and risk mitigation, we provide comprehensive business solutions. Trust our expertise to navigate the complexities of corporate landscapes, ensuring informed decision-making and safeguarding your enterprise’s interests.

Corporate Due Diligence

Corporate Due Diligence

Thorough corporate due diligence is essential before deciding on a joint venture, partnership, merger, acquisition, or investment. There are a lot of risks involved in making significant business decisions without doing your homework. You can hire a reputable private investigation firm to do due diligence on companies or individuals to reduce these dangers.

Financial Background & Assets Check

Financial Background & Assets Check

There are always hazards involved with conducting a background investigation on assets and finances. This type of inquiry requires a high degree of professionalism and secrecy in addition to being delicate. Therefore, if you want to succeed in these matters, work with a premier private investigator organisation to learn about any person’s or business’s hidden moveable and immovable assets.


Blackmailing- Corporate & Personal

If someone tried to blackmail you on a personal or business level, how would you respond? You have two options: call the police immediately to report the issue or wait until the appropriate time. Additionally, you can employ a private Detective agency in Bangalore to look into the subject; this would help you come out on top.

Skiptracing / Missing People

Skiptracing / Missing People

Searching for missing individuals is never simple since it takes a lot of work. Even though the police are skilled in these situations, they are frequently too busy handling other challenging cases to give a missing person search priority. You can work with the top detective agency in Bangalore to determine if someone is genuinely missing or hiding for good.

Theft & Pilferage

Theft & Pilferage

Many firms deal with the issue of theft and pilferage by their employees. These instances might involve various things, such as financial theft, inventory losses, unlawful commissions, wilful neglect, betrayals of confidence, and more. You should put your trust in a private Detective agency in Bangalore to look into theft and pilferage instances if your company is also dealing with any of these situations.

Accident / Incident / Sabotage

Accident / Incident / Sabotage

Not all cases of fire, arson and damage to the property are natural. Some of them can be pre-planned and done with a malicious intent. If you face this situation where a planned case of sabotage is passed off as natural, you should seek a detailed investigation by a top private agency in Bangalore.


Corporate Fraud

Business world is constantly threatened by the problem of corporate fraud. It is a serious issue that can cause huge financial and reputational losses for companies. Corporate fraud can take many forms and methods, and it is not easy to detect or prevent. Even with the advancement of technology, many companies still face frequent cases of frauds that can harm their business.

Copyright infirngement

Counterfeit / Copyright Investigation

Protecting intellectual property rights (IPR) is a crucial issue that affects businesses across sectors. Companies can face huge losses when their IPR is not secured and can also miss out on the benefits of their creativity, intelligence and effort. So, whether patents, trademarks, copyright, logos, slogans, or industrial designs, you should make sure that no one else can infringe on your own creation, or make profits from your hard work and intellectual conception.

Pre matrimonial Investigation

Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Marriage is based on trust and faith between two people or two families. That is why, we like to marry someone we know, or join with a family we are sure about. We know dangers are high in cases where marriages are made between couples or families that don’t know each other well.


Divorce Investigations

Divorce is not an easy choice to make. You may leave your spouse, but a lot remains behind in the process. That’s why not all divorce cases end up as peacefully as they should. Anger, resentment, legal complications, conflicts, all this is part of the game when the spouses separating have not settled everything during the separation.

infidelity in relationship

Infidelity / Extra Marital Affairs

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, the best way to deal with it is to get the matter investigated by a matrimonial detective agency. This will help you get the kind of evidence and information you need to confirm or clear your doubts. Sleuths India can help you with that as we’re a leading marriage detective agency in Bangalore.


Debugging and Sweeping

The dangers of electronic surveillance are increasing every day. Big organizations and high-profile individuals are more exposed to the risks of spying or covert listening through electronic bugs such as hidden spy cameras, audio video transmitters, recorders, micro chip bugs, tapped phone lines, cellular network bugs, etc. With such threats to privacy and data, there is a strong need of effective technical surveillance


Whistle Blower Complaint Investigation

Whistleblowers are very important for organizations for their ability to contribute to various aspects of the business and operations. They often help to uphold ethical standards within organizations. From exposing wrongdoing to monitoring illegal activity within the organization, they ensure that no harmful issue goes unnoticed.

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