Mr. Naman Jain

Naman Jain, the Managing Director of Sleuths India, is a highly respected leader with an outstanding career spanning over two decades, marked by many significant achievements. A true industry luminary, he has garnered multiple prestigious awards, showcasing his prowess in transforming a modest agency into an industry titan. Instrumental in steering Sleuths India to unparalleled success, Naman is a seasoned professional and India’s most decorated private detective. His accolades include the 2012 President of India’s “Young Entrepreneur Award” and the 2014 MoS, Ministry of Home Affairs “Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year Award.”

Ms. Nidhi Jain

Nidhi Jain, the outstanding and award-winning director of Sleuths India, is an exemplary figure for aspiring detectives. Renowned for her countless accomplishments and exceptional leadership, she serves as a true inspiration for peers and aspiring professionals alike. Nidhi adeptly oversees the extensive networks of India’s premier detective agency, ensuring seamless operations on a grand scale. Nidhi Jain continues redefining the field’s excellence as India’s sole female detective to receive the prestigious Investigation Leadership Award in 2017 and the “All India Women Entrepreneur Award” in 2022.

Brig. Dalip Kapur

Brigadier Dalip Kapur joined the Sleuths India after 36 years of meritorious service with the Indian Army. As a retired veteran with multiple awards to his name, he’s been enriching the agency with vast experience in security-related matters and utilizing the successes with high-profile operations in insurgency-prone areas. On top of that, Dalip Kapur is a “Vashisht Seva Medallist” professional with awards from the President of India & the Chief of The Army Staff for various operations under his command.

Mr. R P Singh

After four decades of a celebrated career in the Indian Police Force, the IG-Police (Special Enquiry) Mr. Rajendra Prasad Singh joins the outstanding Sleuths India management team. His association with the agency wouldn’t have been possible without his exceptional contributions to ensuring peaceful elections in the Karrapa, Karnul, and Anantapur districts of Andhra Pradesh in 1983. More so, in 2004, he was awarded the President Medal in the year 2004 for long and meritorious services. All these achievements make him an invaluable addition to the Sleuths India team.

Mr. L R Gupta

Mr. L R Gupta is another excellent addition to the Sleuths India team, whose three-decade-long career with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) played the catalyst behind the association. He has an outstanding record serving as the IB as Senior Officer – winning many awards, the primary being the Indian Police Medal for meritorious services – and later retired as an Assistant Director before choosing to join Sleuths India to face the challenges of private investigations. As the Head of Investigations Wing, Mr Gupta has earned a big reputation for handling many sensitive and invaluable.

Mr. Ashoke Chakraborty

Mr. Ashoke Chakraborty joins the Sleuths India team after a distinguished career of 39 years in CISF, Central Industrial Security Force. Since retirement in 2015 as Deputy Commandant, he’s been involved with the agency as a branch head, managing the operations of the Kolkata branch and leveraging his experience and professionalism to the core. For commendable service and outstanding contribution to the CISF, he was conferred with the Director General’s commendation disc and certificate.

Ms. Jaya Dey

Sleuths India sought a professional with strong interpersonal skills and man-management abilities to help refine business relationships. Ms. Jaya Dey has been a perfect fit for the Sleuths India team as Director of Administration and Public Relations. She brings years of experience in business orientation and administration. To be sure, Jaya Dey has been instrumental in improving the overall customer relationship and ensuring the delivery of dependable service support.